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Shreveport is the third largest city in Louisiana, behind New Orleans and the capitol, Baton Rouge. Located in the northwest corner of the state, it is the economic and cultural center of the Ark-La-Tex region, which consists of the area where the states of Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana meet. From its inception, Shreveport has been a transportation hub, connecting points north and east with Texas. If you live in Shreveport and are unable to work due to disabling physical or mental conditions, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The first step in obtaining benefits is to notify your local Social Security Office of your intent to file for disability. Your notification sets your protective filing date, which will later be used to determine how much back pay you are due.

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Shreveport Dating Sites. Online dating wouldn’t have been at the top of this list just a few years ago, but times have changed and so must we. Joining a dating site is now a no-brainer for singles seeking a local date or an international romance. Best Site for Professionals. Shreveport once supported a booming oil and gas industry; however, these days most of its jobs come from the healthcare industry and tech industry. Many young professionals move to the Southern city for their careers and have a tough time finding dates outside of work. EliteSingles, a premier dating site, helps career-minded individuals sort through date prospects more efficiently.

Сайт знакомств "Shreveportsingles" категории Традиционные онлайн знакомства. Этот сайт приглашает людей с традиционной, гей и лесби сексуальной ориентацией. Найдено в 2001, сейчас 20 лет. Главная страница сайта не содержит изображений для взрослых. Этот сайт — часть сети сайтов знакомств, которые используют одну базу данных профилей участников. Ищете другие сайты такой же направленности? Это 13 859 сайта той же направленности. Функции (Как работает Shreveport Singles?) Базовые поисковые критерии на Shreveportsingles сайте включают: Пол.

How can I disable past dates in my Android date picker? Here's the code that produces my DatePicker: @Override protected Dialog onCreateDialog(int id) { switch (id) { case DATE _DIALOG_ID Limiting access to past dates in the step below: datePickerDialog.getDatePicker().setMinDate(System.currentTimeMillis() — 1000); datePickerDialog.show(); } This is all that you need to do.

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To disable dates in the past from being selected, follow the 2 steps below. Use the java.util.Calendar class to obtain the current date in milliseconds since January 1, 1970 using Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis(). Using the DatePicker created in the layout resource, use the setMinDate(long minDate) and pass the value above as a parameter. I have created a code sample below, which is also accessible on GitHub, showing how to set a minimum date in the Android DatePicker, where all dates before this minimum date will be disabled. Disabling all dates outside the range of two dates. Disabling all dates before a specific date. Disabling specific days of the week or dates during the year such as public holidays in the DatePicker. Let’s dive in!

Disabling dates are now supported for v-calendar as well. As mentioned earlier, date expressions are not only used to define attributes. They can also be used to " disable " calendar days. Disabled dates have the following effects: Day text color has less contrast than normal day cells. If using min- date navigation is disabled for months before specified date. If using max- date navigation is disabled for months after specified date. Hover, focus and click events are still active for disabled dates. TIP. Use the dayContentDisabled and dayDisabled theme settings to customize how disabled days look and behave. Specifying dates in available- dates that lie outside the range of any disabled — dates has no effect and should be avoided. Help me improve this page! (opens new window).

Dating 4 disabled is a online dating & social networking community specifically for singles with a disability. Meeting new people can sometimes be more difficult when you are dealing with a disability. So, whether you are interested in dating, making new friends, and more. Our site is here for you Use this site to find others dealing with various diseases, both physical and mental. Sign up now to enjoy many of our members to chat and to get to know new people. Great Ways to Communicate. Unique features such as : Chat, The Arena and our one of a kind matchmaking. Dating 4 Disabled. 44 подписчика. Подписаться. Top 5 Dating Tips for Disabled People. О видео. Покупки.

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